Badr Mabrouk

Freelance Photographer - Forsa Program

Badr had always dreamt about becoming an actor but was never allowed the opportunity to try his luck. His application to join the Institute of Theatrical Arts was denied several times, which left him frustrated. He had little hope that joining Wataneya Society’s Forsa Program would lead to anything substantial, but was encouraged to apply nonetheless. It was there that he joined a photography workshop and discovered his passion for the craft, as well as a new plan for the future.    


Being the eager learner that he is, he completed the workshop and moved on to become the apprentice of an established photographer. During that time, he not only learned the skills he needed to later strike out on his own, but also saved up enough money to buy the equipment he needed to begin a freelance career. Badr was able to apply what he learned over the years and grow into an established professional in his field. His progress did not go by unnoticed and Badr received a scholarship from Wataneya to attend a cinematography workshop, which opened up new career avenues for him. In continued support of his career, Wataneya also hired Badr to shoot six short films about orphanages in Egypt for one of its most important fundraising events.

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